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Exhibitions & Attractions

  • Chicken Ramen Factory

    Chicken Ramen Factory

    Make Chicken Ramen by hand in the factory. Enjoy the entire process of kneading, spreading, steaming and seasoning the wheat flour and drying it with the flash frying method.
  • My CUPNOODLES Factory

    My CUPNOODLES Factory

    Create your own completely original CUPNOODLES package, which is unavailable anywhere else in the world. For the cup that you design, select your favorite soup from among four varieties as well as four toppings from among 12 varieties.
  • The Birth of Chicken Ramen

    The Birth of Chicken Ramen

    This is a faithful recreation of the work shed where Chicken Ramen, the world's first instant noodles, was invented.
  • Momofuku Ando and the Story of Instant Noodles

    Momofuku Ando and the Story of Instant Noodles

    The story of the invention of instant noodles, the growth of this new industry, and the value of intellectual property are displayed graphically and chronologically.
  • Magical Table

    Magical Table

    Enhance your understanding of instant noodles while enjoying various quizzes related to instant noodles.

  • CUPNOODLES Drama Theater

    CUPNOODLES Drama Theater

    Interactive theater in the shape of CUPNOODLES. Anecdotes of inspiration that lead to the invention of the world’s first cup-type instant noodles, CUPNOODLES and its manufacturing process, etc., are introduced using powerful, large-screen visual images.

  • Exhibition of Instant Noodles

    Exhibition of Instant Noodles

    This colorful exhibit depicts the worldwide popularization of instant noodles using annual consumption figures of various countries and CUPNOODLES packages from around the world.
  • Traces of Momofuku Ando

    Traces of Momofuku Ando

    Momofuku Ando's achievements and his words during his life are introduced through visual images, along with the exhibition of testimonials and actual medals awarded to him.
  • Instant Noodles Tunnel

    Instant Noodles Tunnel

    This exhibit displays the instant noodles lineup that started with Chicken Ramen. Approximately 800 product packages shows how a single product introduced more than a half-century ago grew into a global dietary culture.

  • Tasting Room

    Tasting Room

    In addition to popular favorites like Chicken Ramen and CUPNOODLES, products that are not usually sold in Osaka, such as products sold only in limited areas of Japan, can be purchased from vending machines and enjoyed in the dining area.

  • Museum Shop

    Museum Shop

    The shop features original goods from the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM and other items related to instant noodles. Many of the limited items in the shop are unavailable anywhere else.


In order to prevent the spread of covid-19, the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM is operated after taking measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Prevention of the Spread of the New Coronavirus Infection in Museums” set by the Japanese Association of Museum.

In order to thoroughly implement safety measures for visitors and staff, we are implementing changes to the admission method, restrictions on the number of visitors, suspension of some attractions, and restrictions on the number of visitors at the same time, so we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

■Operation Status of Attractions
“My CUPNOODLES Factory” (in both Museums)                          Open
“NOODLES BAZAAR -World Noodle Road-” (Yokohama)             Open
“Chicken Ramen Factory” (in both Museums)                                Closed Temporarily
“CUPNOODLES Park” (Yokohama)                                                Closed Temporarily
*Visitors can also see the exhibitions in the Museum.

■Admission (in both Museums)
To enter the museum, you need an “Admission Ticket with My CUPNOODLES Factory Voucher”.

【Purchase on the same day】
You can purchase “My CUPNOODLES Factory Admission Ticket” for the day at the reception desk of CUPNOODLES MUSEUM.
 On the sales status of same-day tickets, please refer to the important notice from
*When the limited number of visitors at each time zone is reached, you may have to wait before entering the Museum. In addition, please note that once the limited number has been reached on the day, the reception on the day closes.
*If you are using only the “Museum Shop”, you do not need to purchase “Admission Ticket with My CUPNOODLES Factory Ticket”.

■Efforts to prevent the spread of covid-19 (in both Museums)
・Our staff members are wearing masks and check temperature before starting to work.
・Alcohol-based sanitizers are installed in all places of the Museum.
・Implemented splash prevention measures at the cash register of the Museum Shop, the topping counter of My CUPNOODLES Factory, etc.
・Thorough cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation in the Museum
・Stop using hand dryers installed in rest rooms
・Suspension of lending service of audio guides, wheelchairs, etc.

■Requests to visitors (in both Museums)
・If you have symptoms such as fever of 37.5 ℃ or higher, cough, sore throat, those who have had close contact with people who are tested positive for covid-19, and those who have visited countries or regions where the infection has continued to spread within the past two weeks, please refrain from entering.
・Please cooperate with hand washing and disinfection.
・Please wear a mask when entering the Museum.
・Please keep social distancing with other visitors in the Museum and waiting line.
・If you purchase a ticket on the same day, please fill in the emergency contact information.

Thank you for your continuous help and support as always.
We have detarmined that Attraction Fees of “Chicken Ramen Factory”, “My CUPNOODLES Factory” will be increased effective  Wednesday, April 1st, 2020.
 We strive to continue bringing the best experience possible. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Museum Hours

9:30 – 16:30 (Last admission is at 15:30)

  • Non-Business Days: Tuesday (in case Tuesday is a National Holiday, the following day will be a non-business day), Year-end through New Year Holidays

Admission Fee

Free of charge

  • Fees are charged at some facilities in the museum.


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Map & Directions

Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

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By Train

Ikeda Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line
approximately a 20 min. ride from Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station via express train.
The museum is approximately a 5 min. walk from the Masumi-cho Homen Exit.