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Experience the CUPNOODLES manufacturing process at this interactive attraction. Children see CUPNOODLES from the noodle’s point of view and have fun learning about the entire CUPNOODLES manufacturing process, from making the noodles to shipping them out.

Location :


Opening hours :

10:30 – 17:30 (reception closes at 17:00)

Participation fee :

Sessions are scheduled in 30 minute time slots: 500 yen (tax included)

  • Activity time is 25 minutes
Who may participant :

Children from three years of age through elementary school age and at least 90cm tall.


Look inside the CUPNOODLES Park!

Noodle Net

Noodle Net

Climb the yellow net on the noodle-making machine, and you will have the strange feeling that you have become a noodle and are being stretched.

Seasoning Pool

Seasoning Pool

The pool of balls represents the process of seasoning noodles with the soup. Season yourself well by swimming in the pool of balls that is designed to look like soup.

Virtual Fryer

Virtual Fryer

Virtually experience the flash frying method by frying "noodles" in oil. Enter the orange-colored frying oil and bubbles appear beneath your feet.

Inverted Tunnel

Inverted Tunnel

Experience the counterintuitive idea of placing a cup on noodles instead of putting noodles in a cup. You will lose your sense of balance in this mysterious space.

Topping Catch

Topping Catch

Using the touch panel, catch the CUPNOODLES toppings on the monitor and add them to a cup. Can you add all of the toppings into the cup within the time limit!?

Casing Slider

Casing Slider

Once all of the toppings have been added, the CUPNOODLES is finally complete. When it is ready for shipping, go down the slide surrounded by cardboard boxes.


  • Visitors assume personal responsibility while enjoying this attraction. Please exercise thorough safety self-management.
  • Do not wear sandals, high-heeled shoes, leather boots or any other shoes that are slippery or come off easily in the CUPNOODLES Park.
  • Children from three years of age through preschool age must be accompanied by an adult.
    Pre-school–aged children are required to be accompanied by a caretaker to enter the attraction. For safety concerns, pregnant women are kindly asked to refrain from entering the CUPNOODLES Park to accompany their child. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter the attraction, even accompanied by a caretaker.

Exhibitions & Attractions

  • Chicken Ramen Factory

    Chicken Ramen Factory

    Make Chicken Ramen by hand in the factory. Enjoy the entire process of kneading, spreading, steaming and seasoning the wheat flour and drying it with the flash frying method.
  • My CUPNOODLES Factory

    My CUPNOODLES Factory

    Create your own completely original CUPNOODLES package, which is unavailable anywhere else in the world. For the cup that you design, select your favorite soup from among four varieties as well as four toppings from among 12 varieties.


    The huge athletic facility offers the virtual experience of being a noodle in a huge factory, and going through the entire manufacturing process from making the noodles to shipping them.
  • Instant Noodles History Cube

    Instant Noodles History Cube

    An astounding quantity of packages shows how instant noodles, which started with Chicken Ramen, grew into a global dietary culture.
  • Momofuku Theater

    Momofuku Theater

    MOMOFUKU TV uses CG animation to tell the story of how Momofuku Ando overcame great adversity to achieve globally significant inventions.
  • Momofuku’s Work Shed

    Momofuku’s Work Shed

    This is a faithful recreation of the work shed where Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant ramen, was invented.
  • Creative Thinking Boxes

    Creative Thinking Boxes

    The essence of Momofuku Ando’s words, thinking and action, is summarized in six keywords and expressed in a new style of modern art.
  • The Momofuku Ando Story

    The Momofuku Ando Story

    By combining images from his life and times along with endearing illustrations, an expansive 58-meter- long panorama guides you through the life of Momofuku Ando that was dedicated to the creation of new food.


    At this food attraction, taste many different kinds of noodles from around the world like Momofuku Ando did while traveling the “noodles road” in search of the origins of noodles.
  • Museum Shop

    Museum Shop

    The shop features original goods from the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM and other items related to instant noodles. Many of the limited items in the shop are unavailable anywhere else.
  • CUPNOODLES Marble Coaster

    CUPNOODLES Marble Coaster

    In a window display, 4,000 marbles slide along a course that is made to look like a factory. Enjoy the speed of the sliding marbles and the numerous gizmos along the course.