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CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Releases Audio Guide App

We proudly announce the launch of our new CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Audio Guide App, which is sure to enhance your experience!
By simply downloading the app to your smartphone, you’ll get access to audio and text that provide highlights about our exhibits and attractions.

  • Cost:
    Free (Downloading the app may incur additional data charges which you will be responsible for paying)
  • How to use the App:
    1. Download the app.
      iPhone (Supported OS : iOS 8.0 or later) / Android (Supported OS : Android 5.0 or later)
    2. Select your language and download the audio file.
    3. Turn on the GPS and Bluetooth settings on your smartphone.
      (The procedures differ depending on the device you’re using)
    4. Open the app at the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Yokohama.
  • Languages:
    Japanese, English
  • Important reminders:
    1. You can read the explanation text provided in the app anywhere. However, the audio guide can only be accessed when you are visiting the MUSEUM.
    2. Due to the large data size, we highly recommend using Wi-Fi connection when downloading the app.
    3. Walking while looking at your smartphone is dangerous—not only to you but to those around you. Please exercise extra caution and pay close attention to your surroundings when using the audio guide app.

For those who do not have a smartphone, we have audio guide devices available in English, Chinese, and Korean. If you’d like to rent one, please stop by the ticket counter on the first floor. For further details, feel free to ask our staff.